LaRae Moore : Executive Director LaRae Moore - Executive Director

Michelle McDaniel : Office Assistant Michelle McDaniel - Office Assistant


Joy Brenneman : Boutique Supervisor Joy Brenneman - Boutique Supervisor

Licia Nicholson : Director's Assistant Licia Nicholson - Director's Assistant

Sheila Solomon : Client Instructor Sheila Solomon - Client Instructor

Darleen Handel : ESL Client Instructor Darleen Handel - ESL Client Instructor

Kim Prather : Media Specialist Kim Prather - Media Specialist

Belinda Rowan : Childcare Belinda Rowan - Childcare

Bobbie Sumner : Client Instructor Bobbie Sumner - Client Instructor

Sherin Nixon : Childcare Sherin Nixon - Childcare

Suzanne Smith : Client Instructor Suzanne Smith - Client Instructor

Wanda Tyson : Childcare Wanda Tyson - Childcare

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